Characterization of domestic grains based on chemical and Technological indicators


1Faculty of Biotechnology and Food, Agricultural University of Tirana (AUT), Tirana, Albania  
2Faculty of Agriculture and Environment, AUT, Tirana, Albania
3Agricultural Technology Transfer Center, Tirana, Albania
 4Institute of Food Safety and Veterinary, Tirana, Albania  

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Wheat constitutes the basic food of most of the world’s population. Numerous assortments of food are prepared from wheat including bread, pasta, biscuits, cakes, starch, etc. The purpose of this study is to analyze some quality indicators in a number of soft wheat lines of the AUT Genetic Resource Center, planted in the experimental areas of the Agricultural University of Tirana (AUT), during 2012-2013 and 2013-2014. The results of the study for soft wheat lines, evidenced both a high protein content at 12.80 -14.79%, as well as wet gluten, with an average of about 28.35%. Similar high value are confirmed by sedimentation coefficient indicator with an average of about 84.10%, as well as in the gluten index with an average of 77.55%. The examined lines also showed relatively high values of the specific volume of sediment (K-SDS / protein ratio) with an average of about 6.11. Satisfactory values were also reported from the morphological indicators. Statistical results of qualitative and quantitative index values evidenced significant positive correlations between protein and wet gluten, r = 0.83. Significant positive correlations were also observed between K-SDS and proteins, r = 0.76, as well as between K-SDS and wet gluten, r = 0.76. Moreover, a positive correlation with r = 0.61 was observed between the plant height and the wet gluten index. Biometric indicators for each line were calculated as averages of 10 consequential measurements. Descriptive statistics and correlation coefficients are estimated via the statistical package STATA 14. The valuation of the chemical-technological and morphological indicators of the examined lines, resulted in optimal qualitative indicators and satisfactory quantitative ones.

Keywords: protein; gluten; K-SDS; gluten index; line.

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