Evaluation of morphological diversity pattern in the Albanian barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) base collection



1*Institute of Plant Genetic Resources, Agriculture University, Tirana, Albania

*Corresponding author e-mail:  d.xhulaj@yahoo.com

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Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) is an important winter cereal crop in Albania.  A total of 20 accessions of barley part of base collection of Albanian Gene Bank, were object of the study for agro/morphological characteristics in Experimental field of Agriculture University in Tirana. Data on 16 traits (five quantitative and 11 qualitative) were recorded to assess diversity among the accessions.  A range of variability was observed among the barley varieties for plant height trait (with an average of 102.2 cm), AGB 2326 resulted with the lowest value for spike length (±6.1 cm), AGB 2328 was the accession with the higher number of spikelet per spike recorded (±34.1). Morphological variation was observed for spike density, rachilla hair length, kernel covering, lemma color, 1000-grain weight trait, etcAbstract section.

KeywordsHordeum vulgare, trait, diversity, morphological variation.

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