Influence of microclimate on Kallmet grape varietiy in two different cultivation areas, on technological parameters for wine production


1Department of Food Technology, Faculty of Biotechnology and Food 
2Food Research Center, Faculty of Biotechnology and Food
3Genetic Bank of Tirana

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Geographical position, average annual temperatures, solar radiation and other components of climate directly affect the quality of the grapes cultivated in a certain area. According to scientific data and current studies, is known that the quality of wine is related to the quality of the grapes used for its production. For this study we have taken Kallmet cultivar in the vegetation year 2016-2017, cultivated in two different areas Koplik and Rrëshen, located in northen Albania, they are part of the Mediterranean climate with soft-wet winter and hot-dry summer. Both of these areas are similar to the average annual temperatures and 24-hour temperatures but they have differences in solar radiation. Koplik has Irradiation on horizontal plane 4470 Wh/m2/day, and Irradiation on optimally inclined plane 5180 Wh/m2/day; while Rreshen has Irradiation on horizontal plane 4390 Wh/m2/day, and Irradiation on optimally inclined plane 5050 Wh/m2/day. Grapes obtained from these two cultivation area are collected in the technical maturity, then we have done the mechanical and physical-chemical analysis according to Reg. CE 2676/90, CIM of Wine and Must Analysis OIV, to determine the important technological parameters for wine production such as: mechanical construction of grape clusters, sugar content (Total Soluble Solids) in °Brix, Total Titratable Acidity, pH and Phenolic Compounds. The results show that in the sample of grape taken in Rrëshen we have higher level of sugar content TSS 25°Brix, and lower TTA 4.95 gr/L ac.tartrik, the ratio peel/pulp 0.41; while in the Koplik sample we have lower level of sugar contenet TSS 20.6°Brix, and higher TTA 5.92gr/L ac.tartrik, ratio peel/pulp 0.27. After that have passed in vinification according to the protocol. It results that the wine obtained from Rrëshen grapes has a better structure and a higher aromatic profile.

Keywords:Wine; Grape; Kallmet; Irradiation;Temperature..

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