Killing out percentage for finishing pigs in Albania


1Centre for Agricultural Transfer Technology

2Department of Biochemistry & Agro-nutrition “F.S.N. University, Korça, Albania

3Regional Agriculture and Rural Development Directorate of Elbasan

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The study was carried out in collaboration with the Regional Agriculture and Rural Development Directorate specialists of Elbasani within the 2012-2013 periods. The objective of the study was: the assessment of the radius meat of different pigs’ breeds and crossbreds: Great White (Yorkshire), Pietren and crossbreds of Pietren X Great White (Yorkshire) (♂ X ♀). The experiment’s animals consisted at a total of 136 effective leaders respectively: 50 heads of Yorkshire, 27 heads of Pietren and 59 heads of crossbreds’ have been: live weight of pigs before slaughtering, hot slaughtering weight. Live ëeight of pigs was estimated as the difference12 hours weighing between meals which means when the body was empty ëith food. Cold Yield was estimated by the ratio: (cold carcasses weight/live weight) x100. Cold weight was rated as a hot carcass weight discount 2.5-3% presenting the carcass with or without blood. The database was processed statistically using ANOVA. Results of the study are as follows: the genetic type of Great White (Yorkshire) represented by 50 heads, has had an average of the cold yield 74.9% (STDEV., 3.086); the genetic type of Pietren represented by 45 heads of 74.2% (STDEV 1.932) and the genetic type of crossbreds Pietren Great white (Yorkshire) (♂ x ♀) resulted 75.4% (STDEV., 3.043).

Keywords: carcass, crossbreds, genetic type, slaughtering, genetic type

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