Livestock Sector in Albania: Trends and Challenges


1Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Albania. PhD student at Agriculture University of Tirana, Albania

2Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Albania

3Agriculture University of Tirana, Albania

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Agriculture in Albania has dramatically changed since 1992. The last 25 years has signed a positive development of the production. The sector is now undergoing a transition from a largely subsistence sector to a commercial one. The sector contributes about 22% of Gross Domestic Product, which is high, when compared to neighboring countries and EU members. While the animal production contributes so far is more than 50% of the agriculture production value and is an important source not only to farm income but also to market supply with raw and processed products. Albanian animal production has undergone fundamental changes in terms of its structure, the organization of the production units and the distribution of products and trading. Although the positive trend in livestock production during the last two decades, the production is facing several challenges. Relatively larger farms represent a small percentage of the farming structure and the yields are below to the breeds’ potential. Livestock production efficiency is affected by limited knowledge of farmers on modern farm management. The improvement of farmers’ knowledge should start with the enhancing the role and performance of the public extension service, the motivation of the advisors and the financial support of the service. Despite the importance of agriculture for the national economy, Albania is a net importer of crop and animal origin products. In the process of approximation to the European Union, the country is seeking to increase the competitiveness and food standards. The aim of the paper is to analyze the livestock sector challenges and perspectives. The methodological approach is mainly based on secondary data analysis.

Keywords: agriculture; animal production; challenges; trends.

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