Methodology for the calculation of LCOE (Levelized Cost of Electricity) for electricity produced by combustion technology of biomass


1Ph.D candidate, Agriculture University of Tirana

2olytechnic University of Tirana / Sheshi “Nene Tereza“, No.4 Tirana-Albania

3olytechnic University of Tirana / Sheshi “Nene Tereza“, No.4 Tirana-Albania

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Biomass waste management systems with low environmental impact, which are able to protect the health and safety of inhabitants  , are now gaining global attention. There is currently an increasing interest in new renewable energy generation methods, where its production from biomass is constantly growing. Burning or incineration is a known method for disposal of biomass residues. One of the main objectives of the National Energy Strategy for 2018-2030 for Albania is to provide incentives for implementing the necessary climate change policies, such as achieving renewable energy (RES) and efficiency energy targets and reduce negative environmental impacts. The article presents a methodology on the biomass energy assessment and the determination of the electricity price produced by biomass.

Keywords: Biomass; electrical energy; renewable energy source.

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