Physical and mechanical properties of wood – Test methods for small clear wood specimens – Changes in the new standard ISO 13061-2014


1General Director at Directorate of Accreditation Of Albania
2Agricultural University of Tirana, Faculty of Forest Sciences, Department of Wood Industry, Tirana

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During 2017, the International Standardization Organization (ISO) Technical Committee has developed and approved 14 standards for testing the physical-mechanical properties of wood according to the ISO 13061 standard series. 6 Standards are updates of standard 2014, while 8 are new standards. The ISO 13061 standard series repeals the ISO 3130 series of 1974 and provides test methods for small parts of clear wood and general requirements for determining the physical-mechanical properties of wood. The standard ISO 13061 standard has 16 standards. Changes technically revised with regards to the sizes of test pieces, precision of measurements and adjustment for moisture content.

Keywords: physical-mechanical properties; ISO; moisture content.

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