Review of the regulatory framework on genetically modified food and feed in Albania: a policy perspective

Alban Jaupi*, Shkelzen Marku. Ermela Bajraktari

Department of Economic and Agrarian Policies, Faculty of Economy and Agribusiness, Agriculture University of Tirana, Albania

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Recent developments in food production and processing technologies have considerably enhanced man’s ability to provide larger quantities and a wider variety of products. However, the recent development biotechnologies has also significantly increased controversy and dispute over the use of food and other goods derived from genetically modified crops instead of from conventional crops, and other uses of genetic engineering in food production. The dispute involves consumers, biotechnology companies, governmental regulators, non-governmental organizations, and scientists. The article reviews the regulatory measures and approaches taken by the government of Albania to assess and manage the risks associated with the development, release and use of genetically modified foods in the country. The review and analyzes is made in light of the processes for harmonization of Albanian’s food policies and its legal and regulatory framework with the EU legislation and Acquis Communautaires. It identifies several important legal and regulatory issues and proposes necessary measures and mechanisms to be put in place related to identification and protection of the public interest and increased ability of consumers to be informed about the foods they eat.

Keywords: food biotechnology; food safety; regulation; policy; genetically modified organisms.

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