Some contemporary concepts of Euthanasia in Veterinary


1Department of Clinical Subjects, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Agricultural University of Tirana, Albania

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Euthanasia means “good” or “sweet” death that occurs in animals, which must occur in a fast and easy way, painless, and without anxious. Euthanasia consists in the use of preparations that lead to the death of the animal. When the prognosis of some pathologies is disadvantageous and all therapeutic ways are exhausted, and when the cost of recovery is higher than the economic value of the animal itself, the necessity to eliminate it is indispensable. The conduct of this procedure should be based on several criteria: Must be humane, painless, without anxious, muscular spasms, nausea, screaming, etc; must be safe for the staff; there must be quick action; to be as economical; it should not cause changes in the tissue level by altering the morphogenetic structure during necrotizing; to be effective and irreversible. Given that the number of cases of animal deaths has increased significantly in today’s world, this has enabled the study and practical use of euthanasia. Euthanasia is an act of thought and applied solely and exclusively to those situations in which the disease causes much suffering to an animal, is an act of compassion, pain towards a living being that cannot be healed. The practical realization of this study was made possible by taking into consideration all cases presented at the Clinic of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine during the period October 2015 – October 2017. Further completion of the study was carried out through experimentation with animals used for didactic purposes near this Faculty. During the study period, 72 animals were subjected to Euthanasia. Evaluation of the euthanasia technique was done by keeping in mind some of the extreme pain clinical signs that accompanied the patient’s death. In some cases, Euthanasia techniques were followed with the advance application of general anesthesia and in other cases direct Euthanasia was applied.

Keywords: Euthanasia, Veterinary, animals, painless, anesthesia.

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