The assessment of Floristic Diversity in Narta (Albania)


1Lecturer, Agricultural University of Tirana, Department of Plant Production,

2PhD Student, Agricultural University of Tirana, Albania

3Lecturer, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Department of Biology

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Narta Ecosystem is considered as one of the most important area in Albania based on the high biodiversity values and the number of habitat found there. The natural ecosystem of Narta is characterized by a rich diversity of habitats as lagoon area, delta of Vjosa river, salt marshes, sand dunes, pine forest, islet of Zverneci. The relations between these various types of habitats are of great ecological importance. The studies for this area have shown the importance of the area related to the interesting and specific flora [1]. In many cases the relations between these various types of habitats is of great ecological importance. On the ecological point of view, they form a pathway for dispersion and migration of plant and animal species. All these plant species make up a great national asset with economic and scientific values. Some of them are extremely rare, some others have scientific values, most of them make up widely used economic groups such as the medicinal, aromatic, industrial alimentary and decorative plants [3, 4]. Many species of this area are found in the RED Book of Albania. There are 2 endemic species of orchids. There are 9 flora species, which are considered as rare for Narta. There are 24 different species in different level of threatening scale.

Keywords: salt marshes; sand dunes; RED book; orchids; threaten.




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