The effects of climate change in the development of agriculture


1Faculty of Economics and Agribusiness, Agricultural University of Tirana, Albania.
2Faculty of Economics, Agricultural University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
3Faculty of Business and Law, ‘Union–Nikola Tesla’ University, Serbia.

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In recent years the development of agriculture in each country faces a number of challenges. The new problem is related to the impact of climate change. The presence of climate events has increased proportionally in each country, but the effects are disproportionately distributed between countries and agricultural activities. Due to intensity of changes in climate factors wind has damaged greenhouses, there were production losses from temperature fluctuations and agricultural infrastructures were damaged due to rainfalls and farmers’ producers in greenhouses in Albania have suffered increased costs and decreased income. Due to the climate changes farmers are frequently exposed to the extreme weather events, which cause significant income losses [5]. The global climate changes are rising the cost of production and adversely affecting farmers’ income [2]. The study objective is to evaluate the factors affecting for incomes increase of the farmers’ producers in greenhouses in the main area of the agricultural production in Albania, at Lushnja region. A regression model has been applied to achieve the objective, testing linkages of key factors — winds, temperatures and rainfall on the farmers’ income. Results show that variables winds and the temperature significantly influenced the agricultural production cycle and consequently general costs and the farmers’ income. Findings are of theoretical importance for the farmers’ and operators, suggesting appropriate inputs and technologies that consider the importance of these specifics appealing for possible recommendations to the public agencies.

Keywords:  climate change, income, temperature, farmers, greenhouses, Albania.

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