The future managers at the agribusiness sector in Albania


1Faculty of Economy and Agribusiness, Agricultural University of Tirana

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The weak horizontal links between universities and business and expanding access to higher education in the past decade in Albania, has negatively affected employment opportunities for young professionals. Additionally, this situation affected an increase to the business costs for “adaptation” to their business requirements as well as barriers toward employment. This study analysis the effort of universities to follow a “market orientation” approach and to adequately meet the business requirements for the skills and professional competencies for the future managers. In this line, the objective of this paper is to investigate in explorative terms the knowledge and skills that universities are expected to provide for the future managers within the agribusiness industries. The survey consists of a structured questionnaires targeting managers of 427 agribusiness companies in various parts of Albania. Following exploratory factor analysis, the results show that universities do not meet the needs of agribusinesses.

Keywords: agribusiness; business needs manager; skills and competences.

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