The influence of additives and refrigeration on organoleptic and dietic values of meat and processed meat


1University of Mitrovica “Isa Boletini”, Faculty of Food Technology, PIM, Trepca 40000 Mitrovice, Republic of Kosovo 
2Agriculture University of Tirana -Faculty of Agriculture and Environment, Republic of Albania,

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Meat products are an essential part of diet and are enriched with proteins, fat, minerals and vitamins. Usually, a processed meat products are filled with different additives and flavours to increase the quality and has effect on lifespan of meat products. However, the processed meat is going to be saved in refrigerators, to save the organoleptic value and to prevent a decay of product.  The quality of meat products is going to be affected from three main components, percentage of unsaturated lipids, antioxidant additives and the proper temperature of refrigerators during storage. Expect the dietetic value is very important to save the organoleptic value of meat products. This we can do if we check the ratio of main elements on meat, like protein, lipids and additives, as well the temperature of storage. During our research work we found that adding of synthetic antioxidants, belong the naturally antioxidants like chilli peppers can help on oxidation problem of meat. We should be very carefully because the synthetic antioxidants are harmful for human and may change the organoleptic value of product. The decay of meat has high economic impact in food industry, so the storage of product saving the dietetic and organoleptic value of meat product is very important for economy of state and consumers.

Keywords: meat; antioxidants; storage.

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