The regionalization of production as strategy for the orientation of the agriculture support policie


1Agricultural University of Tirana

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The statistics, but also many studies, show that Albanian agriculture faces a high costs of activity and as a consequence, it is characterized by a very low level of efficiency of the economic activities. The aim of this study is to investigane on the production regionalization, for a better orientation of the agriculture support policies. To fulfill this study we have used several methods like, Review of the previous studies on the above mention topics, and consultation with the OECD and EU papers related to the regionalization of agriculture; Detailed interviews with experts of various fields; Interview with the focus groups; Structured questionnaires; Workshops.The study areas during this research has been the most popular agriculture areas of Albania. One of the conclusions of this study is that; considering all the factors, it is recommended that the wheat has economic efficiency, climate conditions and rational use of natural resources (land, water, vegetation, landscape) and it must be planted under this priority: Korca (district of Korca), Fier (district of Fier) and Elbasan (district of Elbasan).

Keywords: farm production; crop productivity; livestock productivity; production efficiency; regionalization of production.

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