The study of ten old local cultivars of pear by mean of pomological traits analyses


1Agricultural University of Tirana, Institute of Plant Genetic Resources / Adress: “Siri Kodra”St, 132/1, Tirana, Albania

2Agricultural University of Tirana, Institute of Plant Genetic Resources / Adress: “Siri Kodra”St, 132/1, Tirana, Albania

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During the years 2015-2017 were carried out the assessments of pomological characters of ten old local cultivars of pear with the aim to assistance for gene bank analyses and to achieve better knowledge of cultivar traits which could be useful both for scientists and growers. The pear cultivars Rotllare, Bishtje, Faqekuqe, Dimërore, Elbore, Tiranka, Sherbetlie, Vjeshtore, Gorare, Bozongalli, object of this study were characterized using UPOV code [5] and Pear Descriptors, 1983 [4] During the vegetation period were evaluated the quantity and the quality traits of the fruit such as mean global size, shape, maximum diameter towards the middle, grown color and over color, amount of global russet, stalk length, stalk cavity, juiciness, sugar content, stone cells, astringency, aroma and the phenological features. Based on the results of phenotypic analyses performed for the purposes of cultivar identifications was established the database with phenological and fruit quality data. Statistical analysis were performed and the cultivars Bozongalli, Elbore were evaluated with the best characteristics of the fruit quality, such as juiciness, low stone cells and aroma. They represent an important reference. The most discriminant morphological characters studied revealed no homonyms or synonyms among these old local cultivars of pear. As results of observation of flowering phonological traits there are classified into flowering time groups on the basis of both beginning of flowering and of the peak flowering period.  As a conclusion the present research provide the existing genetic diversity of these ten local cultivars of pears and shows that they are unique cultivars. This contribution is the preliminary step in order to plan sustainable use, safeguard and their use in breeding programs.

Keywordspomological, pear, genetic resources.

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