Tourism development potential, Diber region


1Agriculture University of Tirana, Faculty of Economy and Agribusiness, Albania

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Albania has great potential for tourism development, especially focusing on rural tourism and tourism of adventure. Considering that tourism is a labor-intensive sector that creates many jobs at all levels, it could become an economic sector with great potential for employment and revenue generation. In most developing countries tourism offers opportunities for residents to generate income and to participate in decent work, with low barriers to entry and a wide employment multiplier-effect. Diber is one of the regions which has excellent tourism development potential especially rural tourism and adventure; however, tourism growth need to be driven and supported by conscientious marketing, creative design of products, appropriate infrastructure, high quality human resources and by a friendly tourism “business climate” and appropriate structures to ensure its long-term economic viability. The article aims to explore tourism potential and tourism infrastructure in the Diber region, focusing both on demand and supply sides, offering possible guidance for its further development and raising awareness on development potentials for this area. The research methodology is based both on literature review, desk research analysis based on previous studies by national and international institutions, key policy documents, national strategies and official national statistical data; as well as on primary research in the field.

Keywords:tourism development, rural tourism, tourism value chain, employment.

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