Using antibiotics in chickens feed in Kosovo as a promotor for growth and manufacturing of eggs


1Food and Veterinary Agency / Kosovo

2Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Agricultural University of Tirana / Albania

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The use of antibiotics in poultry can be done through various therapies, prophylactic use and to improve the condition of chickens. The latter is probably the most interesting to protect the use of antibiotics; however their use also induces indirect effects. Over the last few years, poultry industry in Kosovo has increased considerably. Given that the number of poultry farms in Kosovo is constantly increasing, which implies a rise in the number of chickens which has reached over one million heads, then the need for using antibiotic-containing feeds has useful in combating diseases and promoting growth, also pose risks to public health. The Kosovo Food and Veterinary Agency has finalized the registration of pests in the country with the aim of traceability of the diseases. This is based on Veterinary Law 21/2004 and bylaws. Also based on the needs of control and approval of food operators, FVA has issued sub-legal acts such as: Regulation No. 10/2011 “On official controls undertaken to ensure compliance with the law on food and feed and rules for health and welfare of animals “and Regulation no. 43/2013 “On the determination of the maximum levels for certain contaminants in feedstuffs for humans and substances adversely affecting animal feed”. This study will present the data on the types of feeds used in poultry farms, the manner of use, the compliance with the rules of use, the implementation of local legislation and the measures taken by the Kosovo Food and Veterinary Agency’s authority to protect the public health.

Key words: antibiotic, poultry, contamination

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