Assessment of water quality of Buna River using microbiological analysis

Anile Medha1*, Margarita Hysko2

1 Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Shkodra, Shkodra-Albania
2 Department of Biology, Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Tirana, Tirana-Albania

* Corresponding author  e-mail:

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The Buna River is situated near Shkodra town, between the hill of Rozafa castle and Taraboshi Mountain.  It is the only emissary of the Shkodra Lake. Buna River is exposed to different sources of pollution related to urban pollution, sewerage discharge, agricultural activity, and climate change which are associated with an increase in water levels, erosion and floods. This research assesses the quality of water in Buna River, based on the microbiological and physical-chemical analysis. Samples were taken at three different points during years 2013-2014. The analysis will stress out data about heterotrophic and fecal coliform general characteristics, figures, and the role as indicators of water pollution and also information about PH, conductibility and the temperature of water. Microbiological contamination tests show relatively large water contamination, especially in the first sample point where Buna River begins. The high level presence of these microorganisms indicates that the water quality of the river is bad according to standards, presenting a risk to health for all the organisms that inhabit the sweet waters of Buna River.

Keywords: Buna River, fecal coliform, heterotrophic, urban pollution, contaminate, water quality.

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