Determination of anthocianins bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus l.) on North East of Albania

Adrian DOKO*, Alban IBRALIU, Evan RROÇO

Agricultural University of Tirana, Albania

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Bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus L., Ericaceae family) is a perennial subshrub and very important plants resource in North of Albania. The fruits of the bilberry are recognized for their bioactive properties and distinctive aroma and flavour. In the present study, the fruits collected from 10 different mountain regions of North and North East of Albania were analysed in order to determine their quantitative and qualitative features. The total amount of biologically active compounds in fresh fruits, were identified by LC-ESI/MS and their individual antioxidant capacities were evaluated by on-line HPLCABTS [1]. To data, 32 anthocyanins and flavonoids compounds have been isolated and identified from the fruits of Vaccinium myrtillus. The total amount of anthocyanins (%) varied from 0.15 to 0,51. Higher amounts of total phenolic and total anthocyanins (0.51 % and 1027.1 mg 100 g-1 dw) were detected in population collected from Laver Dardh zone of Puka district and the lowest amounts were detected in the population of Vermosh area of Malesia e Madhe district.

KeywordsVaccinium myrtillus L., North of Albania, anthocyanins, phenolics, flavonoids

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