Floristic and ecological aspects of medical and aromatic plant on Lumbardh valley of Prizren in Kosovo


1Department of Vocational Education, Prizren, Kosovo

2Department of Agro-Environments and Ecology, Agricultural University of Tirana, Albania

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Biodiversity and its study has been and remains an important research field, not only for the ecological importance that it presents, but also for raising the scale of recognition as well as for identifying human impacts on it. The diversity of environments has created a high ecosystem diversity that has enabled the creation of a rich flora, especially in the valleys in high mountainous areas. The phytocenosis of these environments is quite rich in floral elements, where a special place occupies the medicinal and aromatic herbs. The floristic studies and analysis in these areas enables the identification of this part of the spontaneous flora. They bring important ecological information for the identification of types of medicinal and aromatic herbs, where some of which result as unknown or unheard in their environment. Deepening of recognitions for botanical features and extending habitats shows interest not only in the botanical and ecological aspect but also in economical aspect, because they constitute an important natural resource especially for local communities, thanks to their many-use features in many areas. There are about 300 species of medicinal and aromatic herbs in the territory of Kosovo, where about 250 species are found in the Sharri Mountains area, part of which is the Lumbardh Valley of Prizren, which is the subject of this study. The Lumbardh Valley of Prizren, even though it has a relatively small extension, presents a high floral diversity and a great variety of herbs. This study aimed the identification of the spontaneous flora of medicinal and aromatic herbs for the recognition, distribution, human impact and their condition in this territory. Knowing the floristic wealth of the medicinal and aromatic herbs of this valley is a valuable contribution to the identification of the ecological and economic values that they present, as well as their preservation and better management.

Keywords: biodiversity; spontaneous flora; species richness; medical plants; aromatic plants.



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