Impact of surface temperatures variation of window elements versus thermal performance of traditional wooden window


1Department of Physics and Applied Sciences, Faculty of Forestry Sciences, Agricultural University of Tirana, Kodër Kamëz, Str. “Paisi Vodica”, 1029 Tirana, ALBANIA

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Windows play an important role in building performance associated with thermal comfort. This study evaluated the influence of window temperatures variation versus thermal performance of traditional windows with a 4 mm glass and wooden frame of Pinus nigra Arn. under the climate conditions of Tirana. The study focused on the distribution of air temperatures and surfaces temperatures of glazing and wooden frame, in assessing the thermal comfort according to the Olgyay’s diagram, in the variance assessment between the temperature groups according to the ANOVA test, and in the differentiation of the sub-populations of different temperature meanings according to Tukey-Kramer tests. It was noted that the temperature distribution field resulted within the thermal comfort zone for the summer season, but near the upper boundary; and generally, outside for the winter season. Population groups of temperatures of glazing and wooden frame surfaces resulted in the same mathematical tendency and there was no significance between the glass temperatures and wooden frame temperatures of window for both seasons: summer: (F (3; 52) = 0.4754; p=0.7008) and winter: (F (3; 52) = 2.516; p=0.0623). A significant minimum difference (MSDs) of 1.533 and 1.806 resulted respectively during summer and winter in the Tukey-Kramer test. It was concluded that the traditional window met the conditions of thermal comfort during the summer, but not during the winter; and that the surface temperatures of window elements were influenced by indoor and outdoor air parameters; and also, that groups of temperature populations did not have significant differences between them for the level of trust received

Keywords: window, wooden frame, Olgyay’s diagram, Tukey-Kramer.

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