Microbial Water Pollution of Drin River in Scutary Area, Albania


1Biotechnology Department of, Natural Sciences Faculty, Tirana University, Albania

2Biology Department, Natural Sciences Faculty, Tirana University, Albania

*Corresponding author e-mail: lindita.bushati@yahoo.com

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Black Drin River joining White Drin and some other small rivers form the longest river of Albania, Drin River, 335 Km long. Drin has two distributaries, one of which empties directly into Adriatic Sea and the other one into Buna river, in Scutary (Shkoder). The Drin area is beautiful and very important for the Albanian economy, for the electricity and has a large agriculture activity as well. Unfortunately mismanagement of agricultural practices and the discharge of industrial and urban wastes into the river are causing a high pollution. River conservation is threatened by pollution. Drin river water is used by people for fishing, swimming and irrigation of plants and the pollution of this river is a problematic issue in environment and human health. We monitored microbial and chemical water pollution of Scutary area of Drin, where Drin goes into Bojana, during 2012-2013 and a high water pollution level was recorded.

Key words: Microbial pollution, fecal coliforms, CFU, Drin, Bojana 

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