Monitoring the water microbial parameters of some lakes of Lura Park


1Department of Biology, Natural Sciences Faculty, University of Tirana, Albania

2Department of Biology and Chemistry, Natural Sciences Faculty, University of Shkodra, Albania

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Lura Park with surface of 1,280 hectares is located in northern Albania, in the eastern part of the massive mountain Lura Crown. This park has 14 glacial lakes, located at the height of 1350-1720 meters that create a colorful and attractive environment. In winter these lakes are covered by ice. The largest lake is the Great Lake with an area of 32 hectares. But in almost all the lakes the natural balance is broken, as a result of demographic changes of region and usage without any criteria of the vegetation around the lakes. Disposal of inert materials and solid waste, as well as those of liquid in many water environments of Lura, has damaged their appearance and quality. It is appreciated the quality of some lakes of Lura in different points, with microbial parameters in determining the total number of microorganisms (HET) and the presence of coliforms and by comparing them with international norms allowed for surface waters. The results obtained, showed low levels of coliforms in the water lakes, which is within the limits allowed. The greater this contamination was observed during summer, and less in the winter.

Keywords: Lura Park, Lura’s lake, HET, total coliforms, Water fecal contamination.

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