The cultivation of hazelnuts, variety “visoka” in Fier district in Albania


1Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Management of Water

2Faculty of Forestry Sciences AUT

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The treatment of hazelnuts in ecosystem and their importance related to other nut trees. These trees can be grown in hard terrenes with little qualities, so this fact has made hazelnut favorable to cultivate in Mallakastra district. Botanic characteristics and the history of its development in the district. The arrival of variety “visoka” in Albania, the spread and  priorities that it took, the adaption with  phytoclimatic and terrene’s factors. It is treated the problem of cultivation, the schemes of planting, the recommendation from current experience and the priorities. The agro technique that is used for cultivation and all relevant services, which are connected with development of this  cultivar. Priorities’ classification between planting in separated  blocks and in plantation. The graphic of costs and the performance for each case.The cultivation’s way in Balkan region and the comparisons with our country. The tables that present land qualities, which are recommended according to the study about Mallakastra district.The graphic of land plots that are speeded in the area. Also the chemical analyses of earth. The techniques of saplings production and given results.Marketing condition and the production priorities of this variety.

Key words:treatment, cultivation, agro technique, quality, chemical, adaption, biotechnology.

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