The differences in the microbial numbers of the raw minced meat preparation during the shelf life of the product


1The Department of Microbiology, the Institution Food Safety and Veterinary “, of Tirana

2The Faculty of Agriculture and Environment, the University of Agriculture of Kames, of Tirana

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In this study we have examined the raw minced meat preparation, during the shelf life, in aim to see the differences in the microbial number during, the declared on the label, shelf life. The APC and Escherichia coli were enumerated in 130 samples of raw minced meat preparation, by the respective Standard ISO methods. The first enumeration was checked on the date of production. The samples were stored in 2-4oC according to the producers recomandation, and reanalyzed on the 7th day, on the 14th day and 2 days before the expired date. At the first examination for E.coli 32 out of 130 samples resulted without the presence; 36 samples resulted with acount from 1.6×10cfu/g to 3.2×10cfu/g, 26 samples resulted with 3.5×10cfu/g to 4.9×103cfu/g, 36 samples resulted with a count from 1,3×104-2.1×10cfu/g. At the last examination made two days before the shelf life, 52 samples resulted with a count from 5.4×103-3.3×10cfu/g for E.Coli. Also it was determinated the APC on both temperatures where we took this results: in the produced day, 25 samples resulted with a count from 1.2×101-1.4×10cfu/g, 56 samples resulted with 1.8×10 3-5.1×10 cfu/g, 49 samples resulted with5.1×105-2.1×106cfu/g. At the last examination two days before the shelf life, 56 samples was varied from 5.2×10 6-6.1×10cfu/g for APC where the highest indicators, were belonged to meatballs stored in 4oCThe analyses of the results obtained in last enumeration indicated a very increased number of microbial flora. This means that microbiological quality, and safety of the product isn’t stable, during the shelf life and the processing establishment of Tirana needs to be improve the production technology and determinate the expiry date based on the study and research.

Key words: APC, E. coli, during shelf life, raw minced meat preparation, Tirana establishments.

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