Control of milk on presence of aflatoxin residues, and the effects on public health

VALMIRE VOCA, RIFAT MORINA, ALUSH MUSAJ* University of Mitrovica “Isa Boletini”, Faculty of Food Technology,  Department of Technology, 40000 Mitrovicë, Republic of Kosova *Corresponding author e-mail: Download PDF Fulltext Abstract Aflatoxin is produced by Aspergillus flavis and Aspergillusparasiticus. The residue of this mycotoxin on food is dangerous for public health. So, routine control of food if they have […]

The mycotoxins in foods from livestock origin and consumption risks

MUSA DIBRANI, ALUSH MUSAJ, RIFAT MORINA* Faculty of Technology, Department of Food Engineering and Technology, University Of Mitrovica,”Isa Boletini”. PIM Trepca 40000 Mitrovice Kosovo *Corresponding author e-mail:, Download PDF Fulltext Abstract During daily life, foodstuffs destined for animal are contaminated at different scales, by their mold, spores and their mycotoxins. The dangerous mycotoxins are; aflatoxin, […]

Determination of added dye in orange fruit juices of Citrus sinensis cultivar with a simple analytical method

Luziana Hoxha, Oneida Kycyk, Renata Kongoli, Eranda Mane * Food Research Centre, Department of Biotechnology and Food, Agricultural University of Tirana, Tirana 1030, Albania *Corresponding author e-mail: Download PDF Fulltext Abstract Orange juice is a daily food randomly consumed and could be easily presented like an imitation of original products. Identification of its imitation has a […]

Contamination with Escherichia coli of fresh butter produced by cow’s milk in Kosovo

ENVER BAJRAMI1*, KAPLLAN SULAJ2 1*Veterinary Doctor, Gjilan, Kosovo 2Faculty of Biotechnology and Food, Agricultural University of Tirana, Kamez, Tirana, Albania *Corresponding author e-mail: Download PDF fulltext  Abstract Processing of milk may produce undesirable effects and some microorganisms produce food infections carrying the pathogens that will increase the likelihood of infection of the consumer`s food. Contamination of milk and milk products is largely due […]

Assessment of stilbene residues in cattle through analytical control in Korca region

ALI LILO1*, KAPLLAN SULAJ2 1*Institute of Food Safety and Veterinary, Street “A. Moisiu” 82, Tirana, Albania  2Faculty of Biotechnology and Food, Agricultural University of Tirana, Kamez, Tirana, Albania *Corresponding author e-mail: Download PDF Fulltext Abstract The use of substances having hormonal action is banned in Albania. However, sometimes forbidden drugs may be added to feeds for illegal administration or treatment to cattle for […]

Screening of quinolone antibiotic residues in beef sold in Kosovo

HAMDI ALIU1*, KAPLLAN SULAJ2 1Veterinary Doctor in Podujevo Region, Kosovo, 2Faculty of Biotechnology and Food, Agricultural University of Tirana, Kamëz, Tirana *Corresponding author e-mail: Download PDF Fulltext Abstract This study aimed to find the effects of quinolone antibiotics in beef used in three regions of Kosovo. Total numbers of 89 beef meat samples were collected randomly from local meat shops for analysis. Extraction and determination […]

The differences in the microbial numbers of the raw minced meat preparation during the shelf life of the product

ERMELINDA NEXHIPI1 , ELVIRA BELI2 1The Department of Microbiology, the Institution Food Safety and Veterinary “, of Tirana 2The Faculty of Agriculture and Environment, the University of Agriculture of Kames, of Tirana * corresponding author e-mail: Download PDF Fulltext Abstract: In this study we have examined the raw minced meat preparation, during the shelf life, in […]

Microbiological quality and physicochemical parameters of two types of fermented salami during ripening

XHULIETA HAMITI1*,ILIRJANA BOCI1, ELDA ZIU2 , ARDIAN XINXO3 1Chemistry Department, Natural Science Faculty, University of Tirana, Albania 2 Industrial Chemistry Departments, Natural Science Faculty, University of Tirana, Albania 2 Head of Quality Control, “E.H.W GmbH”, Meat Processing Plant-Tirana, Albania 3 Deputy Director, ISUV of Albania *Coresponding author Email: Download PDF Fulltext Abstract The dry-fermented sausages that have always been imported […]

Frequency and characteristics of Listeria spp. in minced meat in Albanian retail market

ELVIRA BELI1*, RENIS MAÇI2, SONILA ÇOÇOLI1, HALIT MEMOÇI2 1Agricultural University, Kamez, Albania 2Food Safety and Veterinary Institute, Str. Aleksandër Moisiu nr. 82 Tirana * Corresponding author e-mail; Download PDF Fulltext Abstract: Listeriosis is the emerging bacterial zoonotic infections worldwide. Among the species of the genus Listeria, Listeria monocytogens is known as causative agent of humans and animals […]

Staphylococcus aureus in locally produced white cheese in Tirana market

Elvira Beli1*, Renis Maçi2, Sonila Çoçoli1, Halit Memoçi2 1 Agricultural University, Kamez, Albania 2 Food Safety and Veterinary Institute, Str. Aleksandër Moisiu nr. 82 Tirana * Corresponding author e-mail: Download PDF Fulltext Abstract: Cheese has nutritional value, its consumption is very common in Albania, but is also excellent medium for bacterial growth, source of […]