The mycotoxins in foods from livestock origin and consumption risks


Faculty of Technology, Department of Food Engineering and Technology, University Of Mitrovica,”Isa Boletini”. PIM Trepca 40000 Mitrovice Kosovo

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During daily life, foodstuffs destined for animal are contaminated at different scales, by their mold, spores and their mycotoxins. The dangerous mycotoxins are; aflatoxin, okra toxins, zearalenons, T-2 toxin, fumonisins. These mycotoxins passing from livestock, through their products like milk and milk products. When the food  of livestock has not airing humidity, begins mold to grow and they emit mycotoxins. Aim of study: Identification of aflatoxin in the products from animal origin. The damages they cause and awareness of local institutions and consumers. Sampling the unpasteurized milk and their products like cheese, yogurt, butter were taken and were treated with immunological methods like ELISA test. Where is defined the amount of aflatoxin. Are also obtained samples of livestock food for aflatoxin identification. Identification of aflatoxin in animal feeding is done in two periods, from February to April and in the second phase from September to October 2013. According to the results in some food samples we foundaflatoxin 25.30 µg/kg, which is higher than the rate that is allowed 20µg/kg. While the the average contaminated concetrate is 6 times over average. Whereas at samples taken in maize contamination by mycotoxins is 7 times higher than permissible norms.

Keywords. Food, aflatoxins, livestock, milk 

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