The Evaluation of Information Technology Elements on Albanian Agribusiness Sector


1Agriculture University of Tirana, Faculty of Economy and Agribusiness

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Recently, Information Technology is developed and widely used in many fields all over the world. Information Technology contains many elements like: software, hardware, different operative systems, mobile application etc. The application of these elements is observed also in Agribusiness sector in Albania. The main objective of this research is to study all the elements of information technology that are necessary for Albanian Agribusiness enterprises and the relation with their performance. A survey was conducted regarding to the information technology elements usage in Albanian Agribusiness enterprises. These surveys were completed by face to face interviews with employees in Albanian agribusiness enterprises. The question of this survey was mainly organized with Likert Scale questions. The data collected from the survey were analysed with SPSS. Different types of statistical analysis are applied: descriptive, correlative and regressive analysis. According to the results, it was observed a difference of the importance of each information technology element. Regarding to statistical results, some elements of Information Technology were very necessary for the enterprises compared to other which were not . Information technology elements help to increase the customers satisfaction and their number by offering quicker service. This research study is very important as it discovers the involvement of Information Technology at Agribusiness sector.

Keywords: Information Technology, Agribusiness, survey

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