The possibilities of walnut cultivation in Drin’s Valley Albania


1Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Management of Water

2Faculty of Forestry Sciences AUT

3Dajti Express sh.p.k

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A powerful plant with special, botanical characteristics and a longevity over 300 years, specific in Drini i Zi’s valley. The treatment of rooting system that is related to terrene’s factors in the pond of Drin river. Chemical treatment of “Juglandine” and the damage that it causes in other types of plants such as: apple tree, etc. The study of “mikoriza” rooting system and earth conditions of  its spread. The influence of climatic changes and the precautions that are taken to adapt these plants; climatic profile of Drin’s valley, the tendence of changes and expectations. It is treated the problem of heterogamy, the role of late frost in this region, the graphic of temperatures’ spread in last ten years. The role of crusified pollination in nuts’ breeding, as we have to do with a valley zone. It is treated the cultivation’s  biotechnology; difficult  reasons of  breeding in natural way, because of phenol. This is the main reason that we want to develop the technology of artificial sapling. Growth through vegetative breeding, the use of new grafting technology. We treat a new way of graft, the time of isolation, the way of treatment after grafting until the laying. The species that are used in graft, the specification of some special qualities that make irreplaceable the organic connection between them. Phytosanitary protection in adaption with climate that species require.The graphic of spread and recomandation of new zones that will be analyzed by us. Chemical analysis and alluvial lands. The process “katena” which is treated in adaption with configuration of rocks in Drin’s valley. Tabular data about mature lands, that are recomanded to be cultivated with nut trees in this region.

Keywords: biotechnology,treatment,breeding,adaption,phytosanitary.

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