Variation of physiological growth indices, biomass and dry matter yield in some maize hybrids


1University of Prishtina, Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary, Department of Crop Production, Prishtina, Kosova

2University of Prishtina, Faculty of Mathematical and Natural Science, Department of Biology, Prishtina, Kosova

3Agricultural University of Tirana, Faculty of Agriculture and Environment, Dep. of Plant Production, Tirana Albania

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In order to determine variation of physiological growth indices, biomass and dry matter yield, for six maize hybrids (MH), it was set up a field trial on randomized complete block design (RCDB), with three replications, with 6 MH: BC38W, BC408, ZP434, NSSC444, ESP500 and LUCE, during the years 2010 and 2011 (Y), at Experimental Farm (EF), Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary in Prishtina, located in geographical position: N 42º 38’97” and E 21º 08’45” and 570 MASL. Growth rate, biomass and dry matter of maize performance are depending from specific characteristics: maize hybrids (MH), environmental condition (EC) and cropping system (CS). Information on silage maize yield can help silage growers and users, to choose hybrids that best fit their needs. The physiological growth indices, biomass and dry matter yield, were conducted according to the formula: (MH-6 x Y-2 x P4 x R3) =144 combinations. Hybrid selection for a specific location, suitable for the agro-ecological condition is one of the essential principles for improving yield for silage or grain, without increasing of cost of maize production. Means results for evaluated maize hybrids and parameters were: Absolute growth rate (AGRµ=5.43), crop growth rate (CGRµ=30.98), total plant biomass (TPBµ=585.39 g plant-1) and total dry matter (TDMµ=22.52 ton ha-1).The aim of this study was to determine physiological growth indices, biomass and dry matter yield, in suitable agro-ecological conditions of Kosovo. The obtained results were with wide range variability and high significant differences between hybrids and years on the level P< 0.01.

Keywords: Maize hybrid, biomass, dray matter, growth rate, yield.

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