Genetic diversity of subtropical species in west north region

Tatjana Kokaj Agricultural University of Tirana   Download Full Text PDF Abstract Subtropical tree is considered to be excellent tree for growing in subtropical condition. Subtropical tree has been used traditionally in our country. Fruits are from cultivated trees, semi – domesticated, wild. In the region, it occurs in general fig tree, pomegranate tree, date tree, […]

Generalizations about the reactions of some genotypes of olive in terms of the treatment with IBA of vegetative cuttings

RAKIP ILJAZI*, ADEM SALILLARI, HAIRI ISMAILI Agricultural University of Tirana, Tirana Albania   Download Full Text PDF Abstract In this paper are the results of experiments under the treatment with IBA (indol-3 butyric acid) for the autochthonous olive cultivars and the rooting of vegetative cuttings. As regards the dose concentration of IBA, resulted because 4000 ppm […]

Geographic distribution of fruit trees diversity surveyed during FAO project

RAIMONDA SEVO1,  BELUL GIXHARI1,FRIDA ÇARKA1 ,VALBONA HOBDARI1, ATHINA GJYLI 2 1Genetic Resources Centre, Agricultural University of Tirana, Tirana, Albania   2Agricultural Transferring Technology Center  of  Vlore, Albania   Coresponding authors: Raimonda Sevo.   Download Full Text PDF Abstract Study for geographic distribution of 172 geo-observations representing new accessions collected from four districts of Albania (Dibra, Korca, Gjirokastra, Shkodra) during […]

Multivariante analyze used for interpretation of organochlorinated pollutant levels in soil samples of Kosovo

VLORA GASHI1), ARDIAN MACI2), AUREL NURO3), ORINDA GASHI4) 1)       Institute of Agriculture and Food, Peja, Kosovo 2)       Faculty of Agriculture & Environment, Agricultural University of Tirana 3)       Tirana University, Faculty of  Natural Sciences, Chemistry Department, Tirana 4)       Faculty of Agrobisnessi at University Haxhi Zeka of Peja,Kosovo     Download Full Text PDF ABSTRAKT Soil contamination is one of most important factors […]

Comparative research of some wheat varieties (Triitcum Aaestivum L) from Hungary under Kosovo agroecologicalconditions

B. Kelmendi 1+2, N. Shala 1 , D.Berisha2+1, I. Cacaj1+2, Rea Tako3 1 “Haxhi Zeka” Universitety  Pejë , Fakultety of Agribisiness,  2  Iagricultural Institute of  Kosovo – Pejë,  “Adem Jashari” str, 30000 Pejë,  Kosovo, 3Agricultural Universtiy of Tirana.Tirana , Albania.   Download Full Text PDF Abstract The object of this study is the investigation of suitability ofcertain cultivars of wheat (Triticum aestivum L) of Hungary, and Croatia. Four cultivars of wheat were researched: Super zhitarka, Mv. Marshall Mv. Kolo, compared to […]

Technological parameters of some foreign genotypes and diversion of these parameters against the country of origin

ONEJDA KYCYK1*, ERVIN SHISHMANI2, ZAIM VESHAJ3, FATBARDHA LAMÇE1, ADRIATIK ÇAKALLI2, HAIRI ISMAILI2 1Laboratories of Agrotecnological Food, Facuculty of Biotecnology and Food, Rr. BedriKarapici, Tirane Albania 2Agricultural University of Tirana, Albanian Gene Bank, Rr.SiriKodra 1020 Tirana, Albania 3The technology transfer center of the agriculture Vlorë, Albania    Download Full Text PDF Abstract  This work presents the characterization […]

Morphological characterization and evaluation of variability in cultivated oats Avena sativa L. and Avena byzantine C. Koch

KAZIU  I*., KASHTA F**., CELAMI A*., SHEHU R*.,ÇELA F*. *ATTC of Fushë Krujë ** Agricultural University of Tirana   Download Full Text PDF Abstract The study was carried out to characterize 32 genotypes of oat based on morphological and quality characters. The data show thatthere isgeneticvariationfor almost all the traits. Thus, the lodgingin the early stageis the sameas thatinthe stage […]

Study of agricultural, morphological and molecular characteristics of grapevine cultivar “Serinë e bardhë”

FRIDA ÇARKA*¹, RAJMONDA SEVO¹, ADHURIM LAZAJ², VALBONA HOBDARI¹. ¹Genetic Resources Center, Agricultural University of Tirana, Kodër Kamëz, Tirana, Albania. ²Agriculture Technology Transfer Center, Vlora.   Download Full Text PDF Abstract During 2010-2012 vegetation periods in an vineyard at Qilarisht village through a multidisciplinary approach including the comparizon of morphological and agrobiological characters  and analisis of genetic […]

Recent achievements on exploration and characterization of old local grapevine varieties in our country

FRIDA ÇARKA*¹, RAJMONDA SEVO¹, ADHURIM LAZAJ², VALBONA HOBDARI¹.   ¹Genetic Resources Center, Agricultural University of Tirana, Kodër Kamëz, Tirana, Albania. ²Agriculture Technology Transfer Center, Vlora.   Download Full Text PDF Abstract The local varieties have an important value due to their high adaptability to local environmental conditions, diversity of productivity and quality potential.  In the frame […]

Flower and fruit development stages of bilberry plant (Vacciniummyrtillus L.) in Tropoja region

AGIM PEPKOLAJ1*,NDOC FASLIA2   1,2Department ofPlant Sciences and Technologies, Agricultural University of Tirana, Koder- Kamez, 1029, Tirana, Albania   Download Full Text PDF North part of Albania is considered as a great asset of biodiversity not yet fully explored. Such richness is due to climatic factors, geographical position and pedological/ hydrological factors. As parts of its biodiversity […]